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Our Technology Success Program

Leverage The AME Group - Nashville's Technology Success Program to provide a strategic approach to managing your business technology. Allow us to benchmark your technology against industry standards, identifying risks that may affect your business and ensuring you remain competitive in your market. Our continual standards alignment helps to identify and offset risk that may adversely affect your business.


There is no one-size-fits all approach for using technology in your business. Our process will align your goals with your business. The virtual CIO (vCIO) and Client Technical Alignment Manager (CTAM) are the strategic cornerstone of the The AME Group's service delivery model. These roles working together identify, evaluate and recommend solutions to risk-based findings in our client’s network.

We call this our Technology Success Program. The Technology Success Program (TSP) is a set of best practices from both industry and The AME Group's experience. To ensure we are impactful in helping you achieve your goals, our documented approach echoes your business plan. As your objectives change, the TSP document is updated to keep them aligned.

Our Technology Success Program (TSP) will benchmark your company against industry standards and provide a roadmap for execution. Through the TSP, we provide a timeline to assist in budgeting that includes the business impact of those decisions.

TSP recommendations are delivered in an easy-to-understand format that includes not only the recommendations, but also the reasoning behind each. Whether it is aging hardware, a new business process or mitigating business risk, we cover those areas and work to become a true business partner.


Our objective is to become a member of your team to understand your business goals and how technology solutions can help drive your business forward. With IT at the center of driving critical parts of today’s business, The AME Group works to become the trusted professional services firm that you can rely on.

Our collective experience in many industry verticals and our focus as a true managed services provider can be leveraged across our client base to help increase your company’s profitability, productivity and efficiency. We bring our extensive experience in what has made other businesses successful so you don't have to understand the full complexity of IT.

To ensure we're helping you achieve your goals, our tech plan reflects your business plan. If your business objectives change, we update your tech plan to keep them aligned. Regular business reviews maintain this alignment.


Inefficient IT support processes can lead to lost production, frustrated employees, goals being missed and impact to your bottom line. At The AME Group, we work tirelessly to reduce the noise related to IT. Our vast experience has allowed us to implement a mature operating model to provide efficient IT support processes, a documentation platform, easy remote access and metrics to ensure that our service levels meet your expectations.

With our managed services, clients receive a team-based approach that includes dedicated roles for a virtual CIO (vCIO) and Client Technical Alignment Manager (CTAM). This provides depth within each client to provide service continuity and help prevent a single point of failure in the relationship. The vCIO and CTAM collaborate on analyzing your IT infrastructure to align our recommendations to your business goals.

Our Operations Support Center is comprised of a dedicated team that is ready to resolve issues quickly. They are solely dedicated to handling client service requests quickly - not multi-tasking between on-site visits or working on projects.

We track real-time service desk performance, response times and resolution times. These metrics are displayed on dashboards throughout the office and are always top-of-mind for our company. The metrics are reported on a weekly basis to the leadership team for review.


Getting issues into the hands of the people that can solve them is critical to delivering service quality. With our well-proven process, we escalate the service requests to the appropriate resources quickly to eliminate service issues and improve uptime.

While our service desk can resolve over 80% of service requests on the first call, there are times when mission-critical and highly complex issues happen. When those occur, our escalation team is there to treat getting to a resolution with the highest priority. This might be an entire company down or an individual needing to get a proposal out the door. Our clients dictate the severity and impact of the issues and we behave accordingly. If there is an event or issue that is business-critical, we have a response team that works together to increase awareness, deliver updates, prioritize effectively and work diligently until the issue has been resolved.


Ongoing monitoring, maintenance and care of your IT infrastructure is key to a stabilized, healthy organization. With our best-in-class tools and seasoned automation platforms, The AME Group will keep your network, hardware and systems in great shape to allow you to concentrate on the day-to-day operations and higher-value projects that keep the business moving.

Infrastructure is the foundation upon which all your technology rests. Just like with a house, it is extremely important to verify its integrity before you begin to build on top of it and maintain it over time. Lack of maintenance can lead to downtime, security risks, lost revenue, compliance issues and impact the growth of a company.

Remote monitoring is essential for productivity in the modern, complex work place. Our specialized services measure literally thousands of data sources within your network and provide granular insights into the overall health of business systems. In turn, you can focus on your business needs while we deflect potential issues behind the scenes.

Our automated services dissect your environment and produce reports on your technology that can be used for immediate fixes or long-term planning of your technology. Proactive alerting cuts off potential issues and ensures that your systems remain healthy. You will be well informed of system outputs and we ensure your systems are working well.


Our engineers remotely resolve issues upstream so that your team is not affected downstream. From our tools and processes to our documentation management platform, The AME Group has you covered.

Our suite of infrastructure monitoring, management and administration consists of:

  • Monitoring, alerting and notifications for network devices and infrastructure components
  • Microsoft operating system and third-party application patch management
  • Centralized anti-virus management
  • Email security platform
  • Monthly infrastructure health and patch reporting
  • Asset tracking for server hardware and server-based software

Advanced Protection - Security & Compliance

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, it’s critical to stay ahead of the constant security threats. To help best protect clients from these technology threats we have bundled some of the best resources available into an advanced security offering. Managed Security Services (MSS) maintains the security and integrity of your IT work environment by employing our suite of security and monitoring tools. Our MSS includes a robust set of tools available to every enrolled user that includes security awareness training, incident detection and advanced endpoint protection. By assessing and continually auditing the security practices and awareness of your entire organization, you are able to identify and resolve training issues to prevent security breaches.


Using one of the world's most popular security awareness platforms, we send your team quarterly scheduled simulated email phishing campaigns and annual security awareness training to keep security top-of-mind for all users.


Using an industry-leading tool, we provide DNS filtering to prevent malicious malware. This feature provides protection for the corporate network and all desktops and laptops.


Our comprehensive tool scans email link destinations for malicious content in “real-time” and provides a customized spam filter.


Using a virtual appliance, your network is scanned, security threats are detected, and various stakeholders are alerted. This tool provides Windows domain event log monitoring, along with a daily review for anomalous behavior by devices and users.


An industry-leading monitoring platform will report on compromised credentials found on the dark web that are associated with your company’s email domain.


Using an analytics-powered security and log management tool, we can provide a daily executive summary report of web activity.

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